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Polk County Circuit Court Records Collection, 1835-1900
*Additional Circuit Court Records, 1900-1911

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Description of Records

The Missouri Secretary of State’s Office and Missouri State Archives
finished the processing of the circuit court records for Polk County in 2013.
These records, dating 1835-1900, were taken to the State Archives for microfilming
and will be returned to the PCGS Archives for patron usage.

As of 2019, all of the boxes have been returned to our archives floor and are
available for research, under the supervision of our archivist or other
library volunteers. Photocopies will be 50 cents per page.

*PCGS Archivists are processing circuit court records starting with the year 1900.
More years will be added to the collection as the boxes are finished.*

If you are unable to visit our archives floor, PCGS will photocopy
the files for you.
Some files are very large while some are only a few pages
long. Most pages are legal size and will be copied on 8 1/2 x 14" paper.
Some of the pages are smaller than 8 1/2 x 11" so they will be combined
when photocopied if applicable.

Retrieval Fee

$10.00 per file
Postage is included with retrieval fee
Five photocopied pages included in fee
Additional pages are 50 cents per page

(If a case has more than one file or folder, it will be $10.00 per folder.)

Explanation of Terms

Most of the terms used in this index are familiar to people but there may be some that are not. 
Here are links to a couple of websites where one can search for legal terms and their definitions.



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If you type "Wilson murder" it will search for the exact phrase, which may not get you the correct results.

*Try every alternate spelling as even common names are misspelled sometimes in court records.

*Try searching for just the first name of person. It will bring up more results but will likely lead to the correct entry.

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The box numbers are for organizational purposes and do not reference any particular year or surname from 1835-1900.
From 1900 on, the links are arranged by years.

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