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1001 Questions (and answers) About Polk County

145th District Directory 2002 


145th District Directory 2004 


1830 Crawford County Census 


1835 Marriage Court Proceedings 


1835-1854 Administrators’ Bonds Book A 


1848 Tax Assessment Book Polk County 


1850 Polk County Federal Census including 1850 & 1860 Slave Schedules 


2007 Graduates Polk, Dallas and Cedar County 


2007 Graduates Polk, Dallas and Cedar County 


3463 Deaths Reported In & Chronological Index to Selected Articles from Miscellaneous Bolivar Papers Vol. 1 


50 Years of Memories Bolivar High School 50th Class Reunion 1944-1994 


5447 Deaths Reported in Bolivar Free Press 1899-1914 Vol. 2 


5873 Deaths Reported in Bolivar Herald 1894-1911 Vol. 3 


Abstract of Birth and Death Records, Oct. 1883-1890 


Akard and Barren Creek Cemetery Records 


Aldrich Saga, The 


Aldrich School 


Alphabetized Cemetery Folders 


Ancestors, Relatives, and Descendants of Families in Polk Co., Mo., and Adjoining Counties and of Roy Stanley Kirchner, Jr., and Deva Louise Poe - Abbreviations for Genealogy, Objective and Dedication, Numbering System and Arrangement, Relationship Chart, and List of Families (Compiled and Typed by Roy Stanley Kirchner, Jr.) 


Bar Docket, Missouri, Polk County Circuit Court, Feb. Term 1945 


Bar Docket, Missouri, Polk County Circuit Court, March Term 1957 


Barren Creek Cemetery Plat 2 copies 


Baxter Lightfoot 


BHS 1950-1953 


Births 2004-05, Five Generations, Anniversaries 2005 


Births, Five Generations, Anniversaries and Cedar County 2006-2007 


Black and Gold-en Memories, A compilaton of Fair Play School History 1835-2004 


Blue Ribbon County of Missouri, The 


Bolivar by John Crane 


Bolivar City Cemetery in Bolivar 


Bolivar City Directory 25 June 1917 2 copies 


Bolivar City Directory 1967 


Bolivar City Directory 1972 


Bolivar City Directory 1974 


Bolivar High School 1955-1959 


Bolivar High School 1960-1966 


Bolivar High School 1967-1969 


Bolivar High School 1970-1974 


Bolivar High School 1975-1979 


Bolivar High School 1990-1999 


Bolivar High School 2005-2007 


Bolivar High School Class of 1921 


Bolivar High School Class of 1929 


Bolivar High School Class of 1954 


Bolivar High School Class of 1955 


Bolivar High School Class of 1956 50 Year Reunion 


Bolivar High School Class of 2005 


Bolivar R-1 School Board Members 1868-2008 


Bolivar United Methodist Church Directory 1984 


Bolivar United Methodist Church Directory 1992 


Bolivar United Methodist Church, 1973 Pictorial Directory 


Bolivar, A Comprehensive Plan 


Bolivar, Stockton and Macks Creek Class of 2006 


Brands and Marks 1835-1966, Polk County, Missouri 


Breshears Cemetery 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1971 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1972 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1973 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1974 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1975 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1976 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1977 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1978 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1979 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1980 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1981 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1982 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1983 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1984 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1985 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1986 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1987 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1988 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1989 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1990 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1991 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1992 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1993 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1994 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1995 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1996 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1997 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1998 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 1999 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 2000 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 2001 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 2002 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 2003 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 2004 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 2005 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 2006 


Brighton Cemetery Annual Report 2007 


Brighton Cemetery Interments 


Brock Cemetery No. 1 & No. 2 


Busy Scissors of Cliquot, Missouri, The 


Cardinal Dukes of Halfway, The 


Cardinal 1964 2 copies 


Cardinal 1965 2 copies 


Cardinal 1966 


Cardinal 1967 2 copies 


Cardinal 1971 


Cardinal 1979 Memories 


Cardinal 1980 


Cardinal 1981 


Cardinal 1982 


Cardinal 1983 


Cardinal 1984 


Cardinal 1985 


Cardinal 1986 


Cardinal 1987 


Cardinal 1989 


Cardinal 1990 


Cardinal 1991 


Cardinal 1992 


Cardinal 1993 


Cardinal 1993 


Cardinal 1996 


Cardinal 1997 


Cardinal 1998 Cast No Shadow 


Cardinal 1999 


Cardinal 2002 One Step Closer 


Cardinal 2003 


Cardinal 2005 


Cardinal 2007 Common Bond 007, A 


Caught in the Cross Fire 


Celebrating 150 Years of Faith, Bolivar United methodist Church 1840-1990 


Cemetery Directory of Polk County, MO 1979 


Cemetery Records in Polk County, Missouri Volumes 1-4 (hardback) 


Cemetery Records in Polk County, Missouri (4 volume set) 


Center Point Missionary Baptist Church Centennial Celebration (2 copies in one folder) 


Circuit Court Record 1835 


City of Bolivar Register of City License 1926-1946 


Civil War Discharge Records 1863-1911 


Civil War Operations in Missouri 


Civil War Period Data From Thomas A. Peters Ledger 1861-62-1864 


Class of 2006 Bolivar, Stockton, and Macks Creek 


Class Pictures of Mynatt William Scott 


Coffman Cemetery 


Commemorating the Dedication of the Statue of Simon Bolivar Program 2 copies 


Copy of Newspaper Clippings of Polk County Obituaries 


Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Pleasant Hope, MO 


Death Notices from Bolivar 1870-1893 


Deaths from Bolivar Herald-Free Press and Cedar County Republican 


Descendants of Benjamin Kirchner, Part 1 


Descendants of Benjamin Kirchner, Part 2 


Descendants of Daniel Miller 


Descendants of Dr. Archibald Campbell (Scotland); Robert Campbell (Scotland) 


Descendants of John Miller; William Henry Miller; John Knight Newcomb 


Descendants of Robert Campbell (Ireland); Jacob Frieze, Jr. 


Descendants of Samuel Latier; John Reed 


Descendants of Thomas Fuller, Part 2 


Descendants of Thomas Fuller, Part 3; John Heller 


Descendants of Thomas Fuller; Isreal Fuller, Part 1 


Dimmitt Memorial Hospital 


Directory of Polk County Rural School Teachers 1909-1953 (by school) 


Directory of Polk County Rural School Teachers 1909-1953 (by teacher) 


Directory of Polk County Rural School Teachers 1909-1953 (by year) 


Directory of the City of Bolivar 1972 


Directory of Towns, Villages, and Hamlets, Past & Present of Polk County, A 


District Clerk's Warrant Register for use in the Rural Schools of MO 1932 


Divorces in Polk County 1835-1925 


Dr. Albert P. Mitchell 


Driving Tour of Bolivar's Historic Homes 


Early Residents of Polk County (Some) 


Early Settlement in Polk County 


Fair Play Phone Book 1921 


Families Related to the Kirchner Family 


Federal Census Polk County 1900 Volume 1 & 2 


Federal Census Polk County 1860 


Federal Census Polk County 1870 


Federal Census Polk County 1880 


Federal Census Polk County 1930 Volumes 1 & 2 


First Baptist Church of Dunnegan, Missouri 


First Christian Church, Bolivar, MO, 1972 Pictorial Directory 


Flemington Cemetery 


Flower's Mill, The 


Found Another One 


Friends of the Polk County Library Newsletter 


Funeral Cards Volume 1 


Genealogical Data From Southwest Missouri Newspapers, 1850-1860 


Genealogical Data From Southwest Missouri Newspapers, 1860-1870 


Goodson School Records, 1918-1925 


Goodspeed's History of Polk County 1889 (2 copies) 


Gravestones and Records of Dunnegan Cemetery 


Hard Day at the Office 


Heaven's 77—Fair Play Year Book 


Hendrickson Cemetery 


History and Families, Polk County, Missouri 


History Detectives, The 


History of Brighton Baptist Church, The 1885-1986 


History of Halfway 1839-1976 


History of Halfway, Missouri, The, 1835-1994 


History of Hickory, Polk, Cedar, Dade and Barton Counties, Missouri 1889 


History of Pleasant Hope, Missouri 


History of Shady Grove 


History of the Humansville United Methodist Church 


History of the Polk County Missionary Baptist Association 1840-1969, The 


Humansville Missouri Centennial 1872-1972 


Humansville Star Leader Obituaries 1997 


Humansville Star Leader Obituaries 1998 


Humansville Star Leader Obituaries 1999 


Humansville Star Leader Obituaries 2000 


Humansville Star Leader Obituaries 2001 


Humansville Star Leader Obituaries 2002 


Humansville Star Leader Obituaries 2003 


Humansville Star Leader Obituaries 2004 


Humansville Star Leader Obituaries 2005 


Humansville Star Leader Obituaries 2006 


Humansville Star Leader Obituaries 2007 


Humansville Star-Leader, 4 Sep 1890, and The Flemington Independent, 27 Apr 1917 and 25 May 1917 


Humansville, Missouri 1902 


Images Mortality Schedules US Fed. Census Polk Co. 1850-1880 


In the Service 


Index for Old Brown Scrapbook 


Index for Probate Estate Files on Microfilm 


Index for Wills and Probates for Polk County 


Index to Polk County Classics 


Index to Probate Records Polk County 1835-1961 


Interments & Gravestones of Humansville, Mo 


Land Sales in Polk County Eastern Half of County Volume T31-39 R 21-22 


Land Sales in Area of Polk County Volume T.34 R.20 


Land Sales in Area of Polk County Volume T.34 R.21 


Legal Lands Terms 


Liberator 1973 


Lindley Creek Cemetery 


Little Gems 


Looking Back, An Historical & Descriptive Sketch of Polk County 


Marriage Records for Persons of Color, 1865-1880, Polk County 


Marriage Records--Brides 1853-2001 


Marriage Records--Grooms 1853-2001 


Memories of One Room County Schools 


Merchants, Tradesmen and Manufacturers Financial Condition for Polk County 1929 


Methodist Church Centennial Story 1865-1965 


Methodist Episcopal Church Southwest Missouri Conference (2 copies) 


Minutes of the 131st Annual Session Baptist Old Path Association 1997 


Minutes of the 139th Annual Session Baptist Old Path Association 2005 


Minutes of the Annual Session of the Polk County Missionary Baptist Association, years 1948, 1950, 1952, 1954, 1956-1963, 1965-1978, 1980-1982, 1984-1985, 1987-1998, 2000, 2002-2003 (46 total) 


Minutes of the board of Directors School District of Bolivar 1888-1912 


Minutes of the Forty-first Annual Session of the Polk County Baptist Association 


Minutes of the Forty-Sixth Annual Session of the Polk County Baptist Association 


Missouri Military Land Warrants War of 1812 (2 copies) 


Molder Cemetery 


Morrisville College 1902 1910 & 1917 annual conference MES 


Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church 


Mozarkian 1833 


Mozarkian 1916, The 


Mozarkian 1971 


Mozarkian 1986, The (2 copies) 


Mrs. Elva Blackwell’s Scrapbook 


Mt. Gilead Cemetery 


Mt. Sinai Baptist Church 


My 60 Years in Humansville 


My Town 1976 


Names of Men arrested and Gave Bond for Good Behavior A.D. 1861 & 1862 


Newspaper Abstracts of Rural Schools in Polk County 


Obituaries (notebook) 


Obituaries compiled by Donna (Hankey) Rudolph 


Obituaries of Crain and Miller Families 


Obituaries Polk County compiled by Sylvia Thomas 


Office Ledger of Dr. C. H. Brown 


Opening the Ozarks: First Families in Southwest Missouri 1835-1839 


Over Hills and Hollows 


Pages of the Past 


Panorama 1957 


Panorama 1958 


Panorama 1959 


Panorama 1960 


Panorama 1961 


Panorama 1962 


Panorama 1963 


Payne Cemetery 


Pictorial History of Fair Play 1776-1976, A 


Pilot—Pleasant Hope Yearbook, The 1944 


Pirate Yearbook, The 1951 


Pirate Yearbook, The 1952 


Plat Book of Polk County 1881 


Plat Book of Polk County 1903 


Plat Book of Polk County 1925 


Plat Book of Polk County 1988 


Plat Book of Polk County 1995 (3 copies) 


Plat Book of Polk County 2001 


Plat Book of Polk County 2006 


Playter Park (newspaper abstracts and photos) 


Pleasant Hill Story, The 


Pleasant Hope Cemetery, The 


Pleasant Hope High School and Fair Play High School 1987-2005 


Pleasant Hour Club Books 1967-1991 


Pleasant Lodge No. 160 Grand Lodge of Missouri 


Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 


Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 1865-5006 


Plum Grove Cemetery 2003 


Polk and Cedar County 1881 Map 


Polk County Assessors Book 1841 


Polk County Centennial Celebration, 1835-1935 


Polk County Churches, An Historical Perspective 


Polk County Civil War Veterans 


Polk County Classics, 1835-1985 


Polk County Court Docket 1837-1840 


Polk County Court Docket 1840-1841 


Polk County Court Docket 1842-1844 


Polk County Court Docket 1844-1847 


Polk County Court Docket 1847-1849 


Polk County Court Docket 1850-1852 


Polk County Deeds Book A & B 


Polk County High School Graduation Book 1987-2005 


Polk County Historama, # 1 


Polk County Historama, # 2 


Polk County Historama, # 3 


Polk County Historama, # 4 


Polk County Historama, # 5 


Polk County Marriage Records, Book A 


Polk County Marriage Records, Book B 


Polk County Marriage Records, Books C-D 


Polk County Marriage Records, Books E-F 


Polk County Marriage Records, Books G-H 


Polk County Marriage Records, Books I-J 


Polk County Marriage Records, Books K-L 


Polk County Merchant's Licenses 1939-1948 


Polk County Military Discharge Records through 2001 


Polk County Tax List 1837 (3 copies) 


Polk County, Missouri Death Certificates 1910-1957 (48 books) 


Pretty Boy, The Life and Times of Charles Arthur Floyd 


Probate Court Proceedings 1859/60-1864 (3 copies) 


Ragsdale Cemetery Annual Report 1992 


Ragsdale Cemetery Annual Report 2003 


Ragsdale Cemetery Annual Report 2005 


Ragsdale Cemetery Annual Report 2006 


Ragsdale Cemetery Annual Report 2007 


Ragsdale Cemetery Interments 


Rebel List of Polk County 1862 


Record of Marriages Solemnized by A. B. Wright 


Records of Greenwood Cemetery, The, Volume 1, 1887-1959 


Records of Greenwood Cemetery, The, Volume 2, 1960-1999 


Reminiscence of Early Polk Countians 


Reunion—Class of 1953 


Richard Saye 1822 


Ridge Runner, The 


Rondo Baptist Church 



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