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First Families of Polk County, Missouri

The year 2010 marked the 175th anniversary of Polk County, Missouri. In 1835
Polk County was established when boundary lines were surveyed and the county was born.

In honor of this event, Polk County Genealogical Society, Inc. is proud to sponsor
Polk County First Families. (This is an ongoing project; 2010 was the kickoff year!)

This program recognizes the families who have made Polk County their home
sometime between 1835 and 1935.
Individuals will trace their ancestors back to one of four periods:
Founding, Pioneer, Settler or Century Families.
After completing the paper work, which includes a lineage chart and documentation
of each generation, it will be verified by the Polk County Genealogical Society.
Upon verification a certificate will be issued to the applicant.

There is a $25 fee for the first application in any of the four family divisions.
Additional applications within each division will have a $10 fee applied.

All applications and documentations become the property of, and will be on file at, the Polk County Genealogical Society’s Research Facility.

We would also like to have photographs of your ancestors, if possible. We will gladly accept copies to keep in our files or we can scan your originals for you at the time you bring in your application(s). Thanks!

Guidelines | Eligibility | Fees | Rules of Acceptance | Certificates Issued

Guidelines for Certification

These files are PDFs, so they will take longer to load up.
First Families of Polk County, Missouri Categories

Founding Families 1835-1860 Click here for application

Pioneer Families 1861-1879 Click here for application

Settler Families 1880-1899 Click here for application

Century Families 1900-1935 Click here for application

Additional pages you will need:
You will need a set of these papers for EACH category

Lineage pages 2 and 3

References for Lineage page 4

Ancestor Marriages page 5

Click here
to view the guidelines for certification as a pdf file and to print them.


  1. To receive a Founding Family Certificate an applicant must be a direct descendant of an ancestor who came to Polk County between 1835 and 1860.
  2. To receive a Pioneer Family Certificate an applicant must be a direct descendant of an ancestor who came to Polk County between 1861 and 1879.
  3. To receive a Settler Family Certificate an applicant must be a direct descendant of an ancestor who came to Polk County between 1880 and 1899.
  4. To receive a Century Family Certificate an applicant must be a direct descendant of an ancestor who came to Polk County between 1900 and 1935.
  5. Applicant must be able to prove descent with an acceptable source of proof (i.e.: census records; obituaries; birth, death or marriage records; school or church records; newspaper clippings and any other records showing proof.)
  6. Applicant does not have to live in Polk County or ever have lived in Polk County.

To apply for a certificate, each applicant will need to complete an application form. The applicant will need to submit documentation to substantiate the information included in the line of descent chart.

Application Fees

There is a $25 fee for the first application in any of the four family divisions. Additional applications within each division will be $10. All fees must be included with the applications.

Guidelines for Completing First Family Applications

  1. Read, read, and re-read your application and rules so you better understand what you are to do.
  2. Photocopy your blank application, make several copies to practice on.
  3. Type or print all parts of the application that you are to fill in. If we can’t read it, we can’t accept it.
  4. Documentation: Make sure all documents are in order; starting with Generation 1 (yourself).
  5. Label each document by generation.
  6. Be sure to include documentation of residency for the time frame you have chosen.
  7. Please put your name on the back of each document.
  8. Do not submit original documents: photocopy all documents, photos, etc


Address labels are an easy way to get your name on the back of the documents.


First Families of Polk County

Rules of Acceptance

  1. Documentation for each generation must be included with the application. Documentation must also be included to show residency during the time frame chosen. Do not send original documents. Photocopy all documents and send in the copy.
  2. All documents must be numbered with the generation number to which it applies. Staple all documentation for each generation together.
  3. Accepted Sources of Documentation: vital records, courthouse or other government records, church records, school records, census records, obituaries, old letters,. Copies of courthouse records such as birth, marriage, or death certificates, wills, deeds, estate settlements, or civil suits where ancestors name appears need not be certified. Give location where found i. e., book, case number, page number, location of Courthouse or government building, etc. Bible records will be also considered. (Include Bible face page with Bible record.) If using an obituary as documentation, give name of paper and date.
  4. Not accepted as documentation: oral, written or published family history unless another document can prove it also.
  5. If using female lines, always include the maiden name, showing proof of this. This includes a marriage certificate or birth certificate proving the change of name.
  6. Pictures of tombstones with name and date on it will also be accepted as proof of ancestor. Include a clear photograph of the tombstone with information as to where the cemetery is located.
  7. Highlight the ancestor’s name on all documentation papers.
  8. Send completed application with documentation and application fee to

First Families of Polk County

Polk County Genealogical Society, Inc.

P. O. Box 632

Bolivar, MO 65613

A certificate will be awarded upon approval of the application by the First Families Committee.

Certificates Issued

The following have been verified as being families from the four eras
The number in parentheses is the number of certificates issued for that ancestor.

Updated July 2019

Founding Families (1835–1860) of Polk County


Pioneer First Families (1861–1879) of Polk County

Isham Ables

John L. and Emily King Batten

John Quincey and Naomi Ann Hogg Breshears

Richard Brown (2)

John and Margaret (Wilson) Burns (2)

Ezekial Madison and Rebecca Patton Adkins Campbell (4)

Matthew Glaves Campbell

John Carter

Gideon Creed

Michael Dixon

Henry Emmett Dooly

Christian Fender

Nathan Sullins Gent (2)

James Hensley (5)

David Holbert

James A. Hopkins, Sr. (2)

Margaret Kerr

Eulila Palmer Jump

James Jump

Reece Jump (2)

Henry Jarrett Lightfoot (3)

Noah Long (2)

Thomas McCracken

Boyd Miller

Morris Mitchell (2)

Jesse Neale (2)

Iva Owen W. W. Parrish

Joseph C. Payne (12)

Reece B. Price

Leonard Richards, Jr. (2)

John Rush

Avington Simpson (12)

Scudder Smith

Bird Lewis Stafford (2)

Charles Tise

Francis Asbury and Charlotte Keith Tuckness

Robert Hightower Walker

Erasmus Darwin Wilcox (2)

Adam Zumwalt (2)


James Edward and Mary Ann Hephzibah McNair Carter

Loften Chappell

William A. W. Cunningham

William Franklin Hutcheson (3)

Jefferson Johnson

Johnathan Lee

Frederick Neuhart

John Paul

Settler Families (1880-1899) of Polk County


Century Families (1900–1935) of Polk County

George Washington Howard


Benjamin N. Anderson

Joshua Alexander Lawson

Charles Henry Newcomb


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